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Mikayla and TJ’s Fort Worden Washington Wedding

It’s one thing to say vows of intention in Washington state (it’s beautiful everywhere), however,

Washington Arboretum Intimate Seattle Wedding

This cherry blossom season, Chad and Rebecca incorporated the most beautiful blooms into their intimate wedding in

Sustainable, Ethical, Eco-Friendly Photographer

In honor of Earth Day this year, we’re taking time to share on Instagram about how Katie Day Photos is a

TOP 15 Things to Consider While Planning a Wedding

“Wash your lips before you kiss .. because of the germs. Or after, because of the lipstick.” This advice, given by an

Jake and Abby’s Wedding

Not many weddings have the effect that Jake and Abby’s did in post-production: at each wedding that I photograph,

Mitchell and Elizabeth’s Wedding

The sun beamed bright this afternoon – enough to make one melt, but even more so to show how important this

Josh and Gigi’s Wedding

Between visiting and hugging guests at the reception, I’m sure that Josh and Gigi said hello to the entire room

Changing Tides … or Leaping Peaks?

I’ve read that most startups fail because they’re unbalanced; this makes sense to me. Every business dream

Drew and Hanna’s Wedding

This is my second time photographing Hanna and Drew, and MAN, would you look at what an amazing couple they are!? The

Callen and Megan

I met Megan and Callen over a pot of tea at Macrina Bakery in Seattle and loved hearing each of them tell their side of

Deception Pass, Intimate Wedding Shoot

There’s no doubt that Washington has a lot of texture, but when it comes to the beaches, they remain unparalleled.

Joe and Rachel’s Wedding

In Joe’s words, “We’re celebrating multiple occasions today.” And what a beautiful celebration

Tangqian and Vemmy’s Wedding

Tangqian and Vemmy’s wedding was unlike any other wedding I’ve experienced – and I loved every

Rumma and Ruthie’s Wedding

What happens when Ruthie and Rumma are placed near the water for their first look?  Joy overflows and the company that

Stephen and Stephanie’s Wedding

He couldn’t break away from looking at her – she captured the entire room with her beauty and her groom was