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Sustainable, Ethical, Eco-Friendly Photographer

In honor of Earth Day this year, we’re taking time to share on Instagram about how Katie Day Photos is a

Meet Michael

Meet this goof (my cousin), Michael. He’s an aspiring actor (/comedy writer) with MAJOR accomplishments already

Meet Tiannah

This sister-in-law. Her adventurous spirit holds hands with peace, and I am so proud of who she is.

Truth Sessions (and the most significant lesson that I learned this past season)

If you want to hear something honest, I’d tell you that less than two months ago, I was ready to drop portrait

Meet Ashley

Getting to know Ashley over the last couple of years has been a treat. She is waaaay intelligent and has always been a

Meet Chase

We’ve known Chase for several years now, and have loved the process of hearing his story and watching him walk

Meet Dominique

If you’ve hung around these parts [of the blog] for any amount of time, I’m sure that you’ve picked up on the fact that

Changing Tides … or Leaping Peaks?

I’ve read that most startups fail because they’re unbalanced; this makes sense to me. Every business dream

Banu’s Portrait Session

Nothing beats an afternoon over delicious food, a merry time of catching up, and a successful portrait session.

Meet Tyler

We just finished with Tyler’s viewing and ordering session yesterday, and I am excited to show you the photos!

Meet Kayla

Sometimes it’s more fun to take photos at a river than it is to catch up over coffee. Thank you, Kayla.

Nina in Portland

Sometimes, when my battery light is blinking, the best thing to do is snap a few frames before it’s completely

Meet Josh + Shelby

Hi, everyone! Meet my cousin-in-law, Josh, and his beautiful girlfriend, Shelby. When we started shooting at this

Meet Kenzie

Kenzie’s only request for senior photos: a grass field and a red barn. And man was this place PERFECT. After we

Meet Crystal

I honestly don’t know how this girl is so adorable. Crystal was willing to do ANYTHING I asked her to, and the