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Anniversary photographer Katie Day Photos

How can I convince my spouse to agree to an anniversary session?

“Babe, let’s get anniversary photos.” “Nope. Not happening.” When it comes to taking photos together, couples often

North Cascades Sunrise Session with Katie Day Photos

North Cascades Sunrise Engagement Session

I’ve never regretted waking up before the sun to photograph a couple in the soft morning light. Especially when

Katie Day Photos Anniversary Photographer

Celebrating Marriage: A PNW 61st Anniversary Session

“Did you talk to her dad before you got married?” I asked my grandpa on the way to their anniversary session location.

Rattlesnake Ledge Adventure Anniversary Session

“It felt like a marriage retreat,” Nate said after reflecting on his and Lauren’s anniversary

Sustainable, Ethical, Eco-Friendly Photographer

In honor of Earth Day this year, we’re taking time to share on Instagram about how Katie Day Photos is a

Meet Cody and Andee

Anniversary sessions are my favorite. I don’t normally photograph families, but when it comes to couples and

That’s What my Clients Book me For

“So I know that you’re taking pictures, what else do you do?” Someone asked me recently. The answer? Just about

Michelle and Nathaniel

For weeks, I’ve written and rewritten why couples – especially the group that often gets left out (the

Meet TJ and Mikayla

“My happiest lows and my hardest goodbyes happen at the Bremerton terminal,” Mikayla told me as

Jake and Abby

“We thought, ‘Where can we go and conquer’?” Although this statement was in regards to their

Mitchell and Beth

Good things happen in Spanish class. Good, as in, meet one’s life-partner good. That’s exactly what

Tyler and Leah

Everyone, meet Tyler and Leah. Where do I even begin!? I’ve written and re-written about what it’s been like to get to

Changing Tides … or Leaping Peaks?

I’ve read that most startups fail because they’re unbalanced; this makes sense to me. Every business dream

Meet Josh and Gigi

Josh and Gigi are an adventurous duo – it’s woven into their relationship by habit and choice. Before they

Meet Zac and Brie

If you’ve ever had the delight of meeting Zac or Brie, then you know that they are as funny and as genuine