“Babe, let’s get anniversary photos.”
“Nope. Not happening.”
When it comes to taking photos together, couples often have some variation of this conversation. The opposing partner likely has had one of two experiences in the past: 1) A photography session that felt awkward and unnatural, or 2) Never had a photo experience, so the thought of taking photos is uncomfortable. Multiple reasons exist for resisting a session, but one of the largest factors that applies to this objection is the fear of the unknown. Read more as we tackle that fear and focus on an additional scare: the investment.

IMG_6855pinimageFear of the unknown.
I get it. No one could possibly enjoy getting their photo taken, right? And what exactly is the hype with an anniversary session anyway? Welcome to the precipice where so many others have stood, wearing the exact same shoes, worried about the exact same thing. In this case, you’re experiencing what’s called ‘the fear of the unknown’, a completely normal, expected apprehension. Although some view this as negative, I prefer to think that this stems from curiosity. If curiosity exists, then it means that an individual is willing to dig deeper until they have an answer. Thankfully, answers exist to this curiosity.

To begin, let’s break down the photography experience. The entire experience exists to add value to a marriage. If a couple is looking for a collection of perfectly posed images without much interaction, then I’ll say right off the bat, I’m not the photographer for them. What a couple will find, however, is genuine connection that speaks to one another rather than to the camera.

The truth is, when a couple books an anniversary session, what they may not realize is that they’re signing up for a date that pours back tenfold into their relationship. The date gets documented in a meaningful way that ultimately shows honest emotion. It’s comfortable. It feels natural. An anniversary session is designed with a two-fold function: to draw the couple closer together in a natural way while affirming them at the same time. Every couple that walks away from a session like this feels valued, cherished, and deeply connected.

So what’s the hype about an anniversary session? There isn’t one. The relationship is the focus, and that alone is worth documenting. Marriage is hard work, and I believe that that relationship, as the foundation of any family, deserves to be nurtured and celebrated. An anniversary session does exactly that.


Have you had any of the following thoughts? “I don’t want to spend money on prints.” / “We don’t need albums.” / “We don’t know where to hang any canvases.” / “We won’t know what to do with the photos if they’re not digitals.”
These thoughts are normal. They’re normal because digital files are the one familiar thing associated with photographs. Frankly, what’s being communicated is that the professional prints could mean less to you, right? Right. Okay, stick with me: If any of the thoughts stated in this section have ever crossed your mind, go ahead and honestly answer these following questions:

Have you ever held a print that made you cry before?
Where is the CD from your wedding?
If not a CD, where are the photos?
What have you done with those photos?
What will you do when your digital files can’t be read by a computer anymore?
Have you ever seen a professional album with fully a customizable cover, interior, and high quality [durable] pages?
Thinking about your home, have you ever thought that the walls are bare and that you should do something about it?
Have you had the privilege of flipping through old family photo albums? If yes, how do you feel when you look through those photos?
Do you remember the last time that you printed a photo?
Have your digital files ever been deleted or lost?

If these questions don’t convict you, then you’re likely in the category of less than 5% of people worldwide who are staying on top of their prints and memories. If you’re not in that 5%, you’re missing out. Big time. It might be that you never realized the importance of prints in the first place. These days, people are photographed more than ever. Yet, in fifty years, no one is going to have photos of themselves. Digitals don’t last. You know what does? Prints. Albums. Canvases. These products become family heirlooms.

It boils down to this: If people can afford big tv’s, new cars, furniture, dinner out, and vacations, then people can afford to invest in photographs. Realistically, anyone can afford to invest in photographs. It just depends on whether it’s important or not. The quality, the longevity, and the emotional connection can’t compare to anything else.


It costs too much.
Wait a second, you mean that cost is a concern? Of course it is. Read that last paragraph one more time, and then skip forward to the next.

Cost ties back into the fear of the unknown. If a couple decides that they don’t want to hire a professional photographer based off of pricing alone, then it’s because they don’t know what to expect. They’re missing out on an opportunity to get their questions answered. Within the last few months, multiple past clients have called weeks after their session, commenting that the experience was so much more valuable to their marriage than they had expected. One couple even mentioned that the photography service alone should be charged double.

That said, couples that invest in an anniversary session with me do it for the sake of adding value to their marriage; the professional photographs are simply a byproduct. Prior to the photography session, a complimentary consultation is set in place so that all questions are answered face to face. This meeting determines if I’m the right fit for the couple, and also allows time for the couple to look through sample products. Nothing is hidden. The pricing, the expectations, the questions, the concerns — everything is open to talk through prior to ever signing a contract.

As a small business owner, integrity is a core key in how things are run. From start to finish, everything is backed by excellent customer service. On top of that, the products themselves are worth their weight in gold. Each piece stands as a high quality heirloom, one that will get passed down and valued by a future generation. If a couple is looking for something cheap, they’re not going to find it offered in my business; the quality of service and product are equally valuable. As a small business, I am proud to partner with four of the best labs across the nation. Each lab specializes in one specific category: prints, albums, canvases, wood boxes. Each piece is handmade and hand bound, which means that my clients are served the utmost quality.

Whether or not cost is a concern, I invite couples to see and feel the products for themselves during a consultation meeting. As mentioned, every single piece is designed, printed, and assembled by hand. Real people exist behind the artwork. They take the time to pour into a couples’ story as much as I do, because they understand that it’s going to last forever. My goal with each couple is to give them an experience that ultimately exceeds the value of their investment. Thankfully, past clients have told me that what they received was worth every penny.


In brief, when someone asks, “Can you please talk to my spouse and convince them that the session will be worth it?” The short answer is: No. I can’t convince anyone to book a session with me. The experience itself is more valuable than the investment, and the products speak for themselves. If a couple wants the process to go smooth, then I need them to hear about the photography experience and trust me. Their relationship is my highest concern, and the process of strengthening and documenting it is priceless. Yes, professional photographs are a bonus. They exist as a long-term investment, worth more than any other earthly possession ever will.

If a couple wants to find out more, their next step would be to reach out over phone (425-499-3438) or email (hello@katiedayphotos.com) to set up their complimentary consultation. Using the contact form shown in the menu bar above is equally effective. If this article strikes a chord, maybe it’s time to book a session for your upcoming anniversary. In the same breath, if you know of a friend who could benefit from reading this, feel free to share it with them as well.

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I’ve never regretted waking up before the sun to photograph a couple in the soft morning light. Especially when it comes to the North Cascades. So when Seth and Rebecca talked about a mountain engagement session, it didn’t take long for us to get on the same page. None of us were prepared, however, for the brilliance of color and beauty that the North Cascades would show off. The northwest’s rich Fall tones of green, red, yellow, and orange interacted with snowfall in the most delicate and stunning way. We were mesmerized from the beginning. As we made fresh tracks on the trail, it was difficult to not stop at every lookout.

Learning more about Seth and Rebecca during this session was a treat; hearing about their jobs and the way that they care deeply for others is evident by how they speak. How they care for one another is also apparent by how they treat one another. Additionally, the passion that they share for the outdoors is refreshing. During our first interaction, prior to the engagement session, they talked about how most of their dates center around adventuring and exploring the northwest. After moving here from different states, they’ve fully embraced all that the northwest has to offer, and they fit right in to this west coast mountain culture. I can’t wait for them to share this part of their lives with their wedding guests in June.

Thank you, Seth and Rebecca, for choosing me as your photographer, and for selecting such an amazing hike. Your photos turned out beautifully, and I can’t imagine photographing on a better day — even with the unexpected temperature drop. Everything fell into place exactly as it should have.


North Cascades Sunrise Engagement Sessionpinimage


If you know someone who loves the North Cascades, share this link with them! If you’re a couple interested in a mountain adventure session, let’s meet. Whether that’s for an engagement, anniversary, elopement, or other. Feel free to reach out to Katie Day Photos anytime.

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“Did you talk to her dad before you got married?” I asked my grandpa on the way to their anniversary session location. “Are you kiddin’ me!?” He looked at my grandma and laughed with a laugh that shook his whole body. She couldn’t keep it in either; tears began to roll down her cheeks in between quick breaths and giggles. This went on for several minutes. Each of them took a deep breath to regain composure. They sighed one final time, and didn’t say a single word after that, as if the memory and those attached with it were sacred. I felt like I just witnessed one of the most satisfying moments of my life.

Here, two people who I’ve known for 24 years, flipped their usual-collected selves into to a fit of laughter as if they were giddy school kids sharing an inside joke. In that moment, I realized that photographing anniversary sessions would forever be my niche. If this is what marriage looks like after sixty years, then put me in the game, coach, it’s magic. I want to photograph magic.

Tom and Dolly, my grandparents, are two people who share their lives, hearts, wisdom, and home cooked meals with everyone that they come into contact with. This year marks their 61st wedding anniversary, so we took advantage of the cool Pacific Northwest weather to photograph them while they’re still young — one could call them spring chickens, practically. While photographing their marriage, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of tenderness that Tom showed Dolly; in the way that he held her, looked at her, spoke to her, and walked with her. I can’t wait for you to see it, too.


Anniversary-session-Katie-Day-PhotospinimageKatie Day Photos is an eco-friendly and sustainable business located at the base of the Central Cascades mountain range in Washington state. If you connect with these photos and would like to book an anniversary session, reach out by calling Katie Day (425-499-3438), or by using the contact form shown in the menu bar above.

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  • September 22, 2017 - 8:19 pm

    Susan Storer - I LOVE this Katie!! The picture of them with bowed heads and clasped hands bought tears to my eyes…Thank you for sharing dear!ReplyCancel

  • September 23, 2017 - 7:01 am

    Barb Drake - These photographs are amazing, Katie. You capture all the love, dedication and tenderness of this amazing couple. I’ve never met them and their love is palpable and wonderful.ReplyCancel

Katie Day Photos Rattlesnake Ledge Anniversarypinimage“It felt like a marriage retreat,” Nate said after reflecting on his and Lauren’s anniversary session. Comments like this one combined with a session like theirs, make my heart soar. Growing up in North Bend, Washington, Lauren always wanted to document a session somewhere along Rattlesnake Ridge. Thanks to Nate’s willingness to hike, and Lauren’s vision of stylish attire overlooking the lake, the session took place after seven years of dreaming about it. What better way to celebrate a fourth anniversary than with laughter, dance, and personal reflection on marriage? This is a treat. We hope that you love it.

Behind every anniversary session is a couple who has experienced utter pits and mountain top experiences together. Careful thought and prayer goes in to curating the perfect session. When it comes to creating depth in a couples’ photographs, it’s simple. They’ve experienced highs and lows that only a spouse can attest to, so the need to pose is minimal. Instead, couples reflect on what’s meaningful. Truth is spoken; it’s natural. It’s honest. It tells a story. Prior to the session, Lauren mentioned: “We are most grateful that God brought us together; we really believe we are meant to be together. We know that life would be empty without the other person.” These words became the focus of the shoot; they replayed over and over in my mind while photographing this couple. It’s easy to see that Lauren isn’t just jumbling words; both her and Nate share this as a core belief.

Lauren and Nate, thank you for seeing the value in photographing your marriage. Thank you for creating time during your stay to celebrate your anniversary with a photography session. I hope that the experience has been restful and rejuvenating for you two!
KatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge14pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge13pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge22pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge12pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge16pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge10pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge09pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge18pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge23pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge17pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge08pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge20pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge11pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge21pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge06pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge07pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge05pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge04pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge01pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge03pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge19pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge02pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge24pinimageHair done by the amazing Hanna K Jones at Eclipz Salon.

Read more here to learn about how Katie Day Photos is a sustainable, eco-friendly business.


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It’s one thing to say vows of intention in Washington state (it’s beautiful everywhere), however, it’s a different game when the vows are declared at a venue that overlooks the Salish Sea on the Washington Peninsula. Port Townsend does not disappoint. In this case, Fort Worden State Park showed off in all the best ways. Family members of Mikayla and TJ, the bride and groom, waited in anticipation and prayer as the weather reports forecasted rain for the wedding day. The wedding party, the family, and close friends spent the night beforehand on the park’s quarters (a charming old military base), and all woke with delight to the promise of sunshine.

Mikayla and TJ’s day began with rest. Naturally, the remainder of the day panned out with ease. Loved ones gathered to encourage, affirm, and honor them in this milestone. It’s plain as daylight to see how these two connect, and my hope for them is to return to these photos in the future as if they were reliving the wedding day over, over, and over again.

Mik and TJ, we are rooting for you and we love you! We can’t wait to see how your marriage blesses the socks off of all those who you encounter. Your relationship has already made big dents in bettering this world, and it can only grow in depth from here. And if we haven’t said it enough already, welcome to the family, TJ!







KatieDayPhotosMikTJ34pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ35pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ37pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ38pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ9pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ39pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ10pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ40pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ41pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ11pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ42pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ43pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ45pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ47pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ46pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ44pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ48pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ49pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ15pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ50pinimage_KatieDayPhotosMikTJ12pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ14pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ13pinimage_KatieDayPhotosMikTJ52pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ53pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ54pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ58pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ56pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ55pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ57pinimage_KatieDayPhotosMikTJ61pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ16pinimageKatieDayPhotosMikTJ59pinimageCongratulations Mik and TJ!
Huge shoutout to my second shooter, Sonja, who stepped in big time to take over the ceremony, and also during the reception so that I could participate as a guest.

Photographer: Katie Day Photos
Second Photographer: Sonja Lyon
Videography: Clay Erickson
Venue: Fort Worden
Dress: David’s Bridal
DJ/MC: Cameron Samac
Officiant: Dr. Joshua Ziefle
Rings: Made by bride & groom, with the assistance of Stephanie at With These Rings

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  • June 13, 2017 - 6:01 am

    Emely - Wonderful photos!!!ReplyCancel