Rattlesnake Ledge Adventure Anniversary Session

Katie Day Photos Rattlesnake Ledge Anniversarypinimage“It felt like a marriage retreat,” Nate said after reflecting on his and Lauren’s anniversary session. Comments like this one combined with a session like theirs, make my heart soar. Growing up in North Bend, Washington, Lauren always wanted to document a session somewhere along Rattlesnake Ridge. Thanks to Nate’s willingness to hike, and Lauren’s vision of stylish attire overlooking the lake, the session took place after seven years of dreaming about it. What better way to celebrate a fourth anniversary than with laughter, dance, and personal reflection on marriage? This is a treat. We hope that you love it.

Behind every anniversary session is a couple who has experienced utter pits and mountain top experiences together. Careful thought and prayer goes in to curating the perfect session. When it comes to creating depth in a couples’ photographs, it’s simple. They’ve experienced highs and lows that only a spouse can attest to, so the need to pose is minimal. Instead, couples reflect on what’s meaningful. Truth is spoken; it’s natural. It’s honest. It tells a story. Prior to the session, Lauren mentioned: “We are most grateful that God brought us together; we really believe we are meant to be together. We know that life would be empty without the other person.” These words became the focus of the shoot; they replayed over and over in my mind while photographing this couple. It’s easy to see that Lauren isn’t just jumbling words; both her and Nate share this as a core belief.

Lauren and Nate, thank you for seeing the value in photographing your marriage. Thank you for creating time during your stay to celebrate your anniversary with a photography session. I hope that the experience has been restful and rejuvenating for you two!
KatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge14pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge13pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge22pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge12pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge16pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge10pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge09pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge18pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge23pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge17pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge08pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge20pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge11pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge21pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge06pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge07pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge05pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge04pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge01pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge03pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge19pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge02pinimageKatieDayPhotosRattlesnakeLedge24pinimageHair done by the amazing Hanna K Jones at Eclipz Salon.

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