That’s What my Clients Book me For

“So I know that you’re taking pictures, what else do you do?” Someone asked me recently.
The answer? Just about everything. That’s what my clients book me for.


Photographing couples doesn’t mean going to one location, spending an hour with the couple, and then delivering the images. If it were that simple, I’d hate my job. Everything from the hours of communication before – the emails, the phone calls, the consultation meeting, the location scouting, to the time driving to and from — that’s what my clients book me for.

The shoot itself is an experience built on trust and vulnerability that no one else can create. It’s a time that allows space for emotion, but without ever asking people to show it. It’s natural, it’s adventurous, it’s unassuming, and it’s a delight. That’s what my clients book me for.

The time that it takes to edit afterward – from culling, to editing in photoshop, in lightroom, perfecting, exporting, and resizing — that’s what my clients book me for.

Couples get to view the ‘best of the best’ photographs during their ‘Viewing and Ordering Session’. It’s the ultimate reveal; the tissues, the the tears, the time to reflect. Everything about it screams, “You’re the one for me.” That’s what my clients book me for.

The placement of the order starts with conversations with my business partners; they work tirelessly to design everything in the quality that I expect. The handcrafted collections excel any commercial print work or wood work; it’s timeless, it’s quality, and it promises longevity. That’s what my clients book me for.

The delivery itself – everything is carefully inspected before it ever leaves the office; when it’s perfect, it’s hand-delivered to the front door of those who invested in their relationship by investing in a session. Wrapped carefully and thoughtfully, everything is just right so that nothing is prone to damage or misplacement. That’s what my clients book me for.

The experience itself, beginning to end, stands a promise that no emotions will be fabricated falsely, nothing forced. Something real, something honest, something true — those who I document walk into this experience well aware of these values. And I don’t settle. I won’t. Photographing two people, no matter their age, is something that I see as a colossal responsibility. If it’s not done in a delicate way, in a way that highly regards those in front of my camera, then I’m doing it wrong. If it’s not done in a way that serves them fully, then I’m not offering my heart. I give everything to make my couples’ experience worth their time and their money. That’s what they book me for.

Next time someone asks what else I do, I will tell them “I take care of people. That’s what my clients book me for.”

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