Michelle and Nathaniel

For weeks, I’ve written and rewritten why couples – especially the group that often gets left out (the marrieds) – are my main pursuit to document in the upcoming year. After months of navigating how to express reason to it, I still can’t put it into words. I’m thankful for women like Michelle, who can. I photographed an anniversary session for her and her husband, Nathaniel, recently and was reminded of why I’m dedicated to couples for the long-haul. Here’s what Michelle has to say: “Marriage tip: Start with a friendship, and then marry your best friend. Then, after 8 years and seasons of honestly rough lows where everything inside of you wants to give up, you can turn to him and laugh again like this. Love is a feeling, friendship is a bond to grow that love from time and time again.”

Marriage is something to celebrate. I get excited for couples like Michelle and Nathaniel (more lovingly referred to as ‘Michaniel’); when I photograph them, I can’t help but admire their commitment and outlook. As you scroll through, I hope that you are inspired by the same thing.


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